Why sell using PigFlog

The big question: why use an eBay broker?

One of the biggest questions which everyone asks is: “Why should I use an eBay Trading Assistant to sell my stuff for me? Why not just go ahead and do it myself?”

This is a very important question, but one which can be answered very easily. We now also have our own matrix diagram for you, which graphically shows you the advantages of getting a broker such as PigFlog to do it for you.

Why sell using PigFlog

Essentially, there are a few key reasons:

  1. You don’t have any time to do it yourself and would prefer to get someone else to do it.
  2. You haven’t got patience for the technological side of selling stuff online. You would prefer to get on with your “offline” life.
  3. You simply don’t have any expertise when it comes to selling online, and you know that there is a certain amount of knowledge involved if you haven’t sold online before.

If you wish to go it alone, you just need to look through all of the things which you need to do below.

Listing your items: If you decide to sell your item yourself you will have to take care of the following on your own. You will need to sit down and do some research on the items you wish to sell (Do people buy them? Is there any demand?). Based on this information you will have to decide on how you would like to construct your listings (Auction timing? Should you start at a low price?). You must consider whether there are any restrictions on your listing ability (If you have several designer watches to sell, eBay will automatically set volume limits for you as a consumer). You might want to consider rolling up your sleeves to put together an attractive-looking listing so that your items are graphically presented in an attractive way. Finally, when you list your items online remember that time will be taken up in the overall administration of it all: aside from writing all about your items, you will also have to click through endless pages of categorisation selections, item specifications, and so on.

Photography: An obvious yet often-forgotten part of any sale is the photography which accompanies the listings. If you wish to go it alone you will have to carry out this part yourself.

Online Membership: As you may be aware, to sell anything on eBay requires membership. You will need to become an official ‘member’ of eBay which entails further administration, then you will also need to sign up to Paypal and link up your bank accounts so that you can receive money.

Buyer Management: Once you have successfully listed something and you are officially ‘selling’ on your own, you must be ready to deal with any buyers from all around the world. Bob from Australia might start sending you queries about postage costs at 3am while you are trying to sleep; Dimitri from Russia might continuously bug you to email him further photos of your watch all week.

Seller Reputation: If you are selling on eBay, your reputation as a seller is as transparent as can be. This means that if you have listed your first items for sale you will have a ranking of 0, which means buyers might be more wary of you, and you probably won’t reach a market price at auction.

Fulfilment: Selling your item on your own requires you to purchase packaging materials, package up your items appropriately, and send them to your buyer. This may involve queuing in the post office, or dealing with courier companies.

Life impact: Doing it yourself will require both time and patience, so will have an effect on your life. You may end up sacrificing a valuable chunk of time from your already-busy life, and thus regretting the decision.


eBay brokers like ourselves simply come in to carry out all of the above for you, while aiming to get you a better end-result than if you did it yourself.

We carry out everything for you: we fully research your products; price them appropriately; construct fully professional listings with quality designs; carry out professional photography from multiple angles; deal with all administration; manage all your buyers efficiently; use our strong seller reputation to ensure trust and higher prices; manage fulfillment of every item; securely deal with every financial transaction; and most importantly save you a lot of time!

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  1. Hey there, is anybody able to recommend on good free ebay application that can bid automatically just before the auction finishes? (I forget the correct term for this. Thank-you

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  3. I need help selling art prints. All are numbered and signed by the artist. Not sure about what they would go for and I have had a few people want to pay garage sale prices! They are beautiful! Need help.

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