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Why don’t more people sell their old stuff online?

Sell Stuff Online - PigFlog - keyboard

Why not sell on eBay or online in general? One of the most prominent ways to shift old things that we have around the house that are still useful or valuable but not actually getting used is to go online and sell. It’s been that way for a few years now, but today people still hoard or even sell for pennies at car boot sales(!) If you are looking to have a clean-out at home, and want to make sure that you sell the right stuff time & time again then your best bet it to do so through the web. However, lots of people do not do this – and we want to look at three keys reasons why, and how you can get over these problems.

Lack of Knowledge
It’s a common fear between people without IT knowledge that they might break the machine if they do the wrong thing. Today, the only that you can permanently break a PC or mobile device is to go at it hammer & tongs with a weapon!
They are impossible to break just by pressing the wrong button, so taking the time to just read some basic guides online about where you want to sell can allay your fears in less than an hour. eBay, for example, have some awesome buyers & sellers guides that they can provide you with.
Taking the time to read basic guides on how to sell the products and the actual process, as well as getting the right notifications set up so you can follow the progress accurately, is very important.

Lack of Patience
Patience is hard to find today, and most people don’t really have that much of it especially when it comes to the web. You’re selling to a huge marketplace so you should get results instantly, right? Wrong. Patience is needed with the web – it’s like selling to anyone or anywhere else, a verdict has to be reached. One thing that won’t get your good sold any faster is removing your auction in a fury because nobody has bought yet.
You might waste a few pounds every month by not getting any bids on an auction, but with the scope of the marketplace it’s more than likely your offering that was faulty, not everyone else’s buying decisions! Altering your auction for next time can make a monumental difference to your success at selling online.

Lack of Time
It can take only a few minutes to create an eBay listing for something you are selling. It’s weird, then, that lots of people are not really willing to put the time in to add an auction up to get it sold. Time is hard to find to do the job, maybe, but if you set aside just 20 minutes you could list four high-value times and market them well enough to get a price you will be happy with.
This is easy to do and won’t take long at all, and can help you shift old products from around the house that you are not too bothered about keeping or using any longer. So the next time you look at that old leather sofa, car in the driveway, or old-generation iPhone, sell it online!


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