Why is PigFlog my Cash Cow?

A question that has come up recently is: why on earth is PigFlog my Cash Cow? How could this be? I thought it was all about piggy-banks?

Well, it is a very good question, and one which can be easily answered.

A cash cow, the popular business term, by definition (see Wikipedia) is a business unit which constantly generates unusually high profit margins in comparison with the rest of an organisation. The cash cow is successful without any effort.

The term derives from the fact that physically actual cows can be constantly milked with little effort/expense. I.e. the output of milk (or cash) far outweighs the effort put in.

Every business longs for a cash cow due to the way it generates abnormally high income relative to the work put in. By doing what it does best, PigFlog works for you and gets you the best price for each of your items. In so doing it becomes your cash cow, as it manages to constantly generate the maximum return for you while no effort is expended on your part.

Need an instant cash cow? Tick.

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