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Who are the best eBay brokers in London?

PigFlog MedalThere is no doubt that upon coming across our services as a new client, you will at some point ask yourself the following question:

Who are the best eBay brokers (or trading assistants)?

Well this question is best answered by looking closely at what you require as a customer, and what you believe to be outstanding services.

Below are the key things to look out for when assessing an eBay broker:

  1. Service Reputation: has the broker had good feedback from its previous clients? It is reassuring to know whether other people have been happy with the service provided then you will be able to judge suitability to you. Despite the increasingly open information on the web, sometimes it is quite hard to see how well an agency has performed.
  2. Selling Expertise: do they sell items in a professional manner? Do they photograph your items, and sell them expertly? Have they sold many items already, and have they attained good prices? Given that eBay openly displays the number of reviewed transactions for every seller, it serves as a very transparent platform to see how well the broker has performed in terms of quantity, and buyer service provision. As guidance, the number of reviews reflects around 50%-70% of the total number of sales (e.g. a rating of 1,000 might mean the broker has sold over 2,000 items). It is also possible to see the quality of the sales adverts by browsing any broker’s live sales.
  3. Pricing: if the broker offers you a fair commission structure then it will work in your favour every time simply because they end up doing all of the work for you and making you money. Tip: ask the broker for an example net proceeds calculation so you can better understand how much you might gain.
  4. Friendliness: you want to be dealing with a company which is happy and cheerful when communicating with you. This is a very logical point, but you will probably have found out that unfortunately not every company will have the same attitude towards its customers.
  5. Trustworthiness: you are entrusting your valuables with a company you may not have dealt with before, so its worth finding out about their trustworthiness based very much upon their client feedback. Obviously if you personally know anyone who has used a broker before you can gauge their opinion and ask for advice.
  6. Gut feel: at the end of your search, a gut feeling regarding the suitability of a particular broker might strongly influence your final decision in much the same way as buying a house. Good luck!

Our advice is to take a look around and see what quality options exist to satisfy your requirements, weigh up what they can offer you, then go for it.

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