The World of Model Engines

Over the last couple of months we have started selling specialist collectors’ model engines (a very niche market). These may look completely nonsensical to most of us, but they are very simply mechanical works of art which are very much in demand. Most of the engines being sold date back to around the mid-20th century and so have a lot of historical significance in terms of age and mechanical progress.

To put the size in perspective: these are very small items, usually measuring only 10-20cm (4-8 inches) across. They are basically miniaturised versions of standard engines, something which is a truly fascinating concept (generally more to a male audience).

Collectors from around the globe bid very competitively for these engines. We have had bids in from the USA, Australia, Japan, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and of course the key market in the UK. We are sure to have further exotic bids in on the next engines which we auction off.

They are all very much collectors’ items, and so far our most successful auction was for an outstanding Morton M-5 engine which dated back to 1945. This sold for just short of £900! Take a look at our completed auction here.

For more information about the actual definition of model engines in general, head over to the Wikipedia link which contains all the technical information and further learning.

Click here now to head over to the PigFlog Shop to see what engines are currently on auction.

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