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The Power of Selling on Ebay during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ebay has always been the most used online tool on which to sell whatever you want (within reason). Now we are in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic it has become even more useful. See below:

  • Potential free-time has been generated (for some) meaning there’s a whole load of spare time to sell off unused/unneeded items.
  • A lot less employment now means that generating needed cash from things you own is a potential lifeline.
  • If isolated with youngsters then the whole selling process could be made into a fun activity.
  • Getting rid of excess can help to clear your mind and decrease stress.
  • You could even create a whole new retail business using Ebay as your main channel.
  • If you sell stuff and can’t get to the post office to send things off, just use a courier service who can pick-up from your doorstep.

Good luck to all, and stay safe!

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