The PigFlog video shoot at LiveVision


Marvin & Byron – LiveVision

Adam went down to see the guys at LiveVision Media this morning to shoot a short infomercial in a fully-fledged professional studio. It was a daunting task due to the immensity of the studio and the extreme heat from the studio lights. It felt a bit like he was presenting his own TV show or reading the weather. The shoot was done on a green screen backdrop so that the PigFlog imagery can be added after the video is published.

The overall aim of the video is to help people understand what PigFlog is all about, and to see the face behind the brand. We hope that this will help new clients visualise and understand the concept so they can come on board.

After about 20 takes (to get the lines perfect), several litres of water, and a lot of sweat, the script finally worked and the video work was complete!

Here at PigFlog we are eagerly anticipating the final edited film so that we can publish it to the site and let the world see what we are all about. We will be sure to be publishing it as soon as we get our hands on it, so keep your eyes peeled.

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