Pig Flog Frog

The difference between Pig Flog and the Pig Frog

Pig Flog or FrogPigFlog can sometimes be misunderstood and heard as PigFrog, which currently does not have any links to our business.

To enlighten our clients as to what a pig frog actually is, it is an aquatic frog of grey/green colour with brown/black blotches, and measures 3-5 inches in length. And to confuse matters further, apparently they can easily be mistaken for the bull frog. The pigfrog name comes from the fact that it emits a pig-like grunt during the warm months of the year.

The pig associated with the PigFlog brand is not a frog of any description, but just a happy pig of pink colour with further pinkish blotches. Currently our pig is immeasurable in length or width, but easily stands out from the crowd. Our pig is a pig, but more of a regal, satisfied, rich pig who enjoys getting on with his life. You will never hear a grunt out of him at any time during the year.

The difference between these two is important, and we would encourage you not to let anyone try to trick you into thinking we have anything to do with frogs. Unfortunately this is still an issue with Google, but the search engine is slowly getting better, learning that people might actually be searching for “Pig Flog” instead of “Pig Frog” when they are trying to find a reliable company to act as an agent to get items sold online professionally.

If you have somehow come across this page when you were actually searching for a way to get a company to sell items for you online while you relax, then you have found the correct site. If however you have found this site while searching for information about what a pigfrog is then we hope that the description above helps, and that you have learnt something new in reading this.

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