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Suburban Bliss – London clothes

suburban blisssuburban bliss sample

We are currently undertaking a large stock offloading project for our new business client Suburban Bliss (clothing company from London). Tasked with selling the entire back-catalogue of mens and womens t-shirts and tops, we have undertaken a whirlwind listing effort to ensure we get the maximum volume of sales rapidly. We have approximately 400 items now being sold for this client. To have a look at the items currently on sale, just click here.

If you are interested in a reliable agency such as PigFlog to efficiently offload excess stock in this way, or increase your sales through further online visibility, please get in touch now. We serve clients in and around London and the South East of England.

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  1. Hello!

    I love Suburban Bliss and was sad to see them go under. If you still have any of their stuff in a men’s large I may be interested. I like just about all their designs and would probably buy at least a few items. Let me know if you still have anything available (I know it’s late) and it will be much appreciated!



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