portable toilet on eBay

Strange eBay auctions – a toilet on a trailer (never get caught short)

portable toilet on eBay

Our continued quest to find ever-more exciting eBay auctions & sales has brought us to this: a portable toilet. Yes, the clue’s in the title: this is a toilet on wheels. You can very usefully attach it to the back of your vehicle, and off you go. You’ll never be caught short again.

It could be used in all sorts of sticky situations: motorway jams; holidays; festivals; toilet queues at home;  and the list goes on.

At an opening bid of just £430 who could possibly say no to this gem? We just feel a little put off by the fact it is labelled as ‘used’, and the photos of the interior leave much to be desired…

For a closer look just click the photo to go straight through to the auction.

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