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PigFlog Antique ClockFor those of you asking yourselves whether PigFlog is the right place to go to sell your valuable antiques, look no further.

As well as being the most friendly, reliable, and simple selling solution for you, we have now teamed up with recent Dragon’s Den winners ValueMyStuff to offer you product valuations as a part of our selling package for you.

This basically means that we now offer you the service of a professional antique valuer (from the likes of Sotheby’s and Christie’s) to critically look at whatever you wish us to sell and give you a professional estimate of the current market value. Depending on the type of object such as antique furniture, rare paintings, or decorative objects, a ‘specialist’ will be assigned to deal with it according to his or her expertise.

You can opt for this service upon our first phone conversation, first visit to your premises, or you can consider it as an option any time before your auctions are launched. This service will be treated as an official seal of approval with regards to valuation, and will increase to the validity of your auction listings, potentially pushing the auction past the maximum expected valuation.

Together with our expert selling skills across the board, and our strong reputation as an official eBay broker, the extra addition of having niche professional valuations carried out completes the package for you. Get in touch now to find out more about our services and how we can help you sell your valuable antiques.

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  1. I have signed picture of red rum signed by the late Ginger McCain

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    Excellent! Please get in touch with more details & a photo and we’ll get your valuation done. Thanks.

  3. late victorian earl edwardian chaise longue. with spindles re upholstered in pink. no photo

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    Please send us an email about this item, or fill in our contact form. Thanks!

  5. hi, i have an 1800 japanese plate, is has “Celestial” in a zigzag pattern on the back and a no. 2. 0n the right hand side of the plate in red is the no. 7 over 98. on the front is a servant holding a parasol over a japanese lord and a japanese soldier type on the right with a long spear standing by a orange, green and indigo pagoda, there are shrubs, a tree and blossom around them and on the rim of the plate in indigo, ochres and pinks. I am wondering if you have heard of the name Celestial? and if the plate is an original, many thanks, carol

  6. i have lanscape painting, large on canvas, oil, very thick oil strokes in parts. Signature at bottom left says….LEADER in Black Capital letters.
    Can you help. I have looked up a Charles Leader, is it possibly his work?

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    Dear Terri, please send us an email or fill in our contact form. We really need a photo to be able to get this valued for you.

  8. We have an original painting by cecil Ladin dated 1901, it is of a country boy in a smock and hat astride a shore horse, we have not found a reference to this picture on the web yet. Can you help?

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  10. Hi, I have an oil painting that is signed S. Herman 63 and looks to be in the style of his work but have been to a few valuers and neither can determine if it is by him or not, I love the piece and am not thinking of selling it but would be very curious to seek your opinion of its authenticity..could you possibly help? thanks

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  12. I have a first mark Beleek frog on lily pad with a letter of authentication from the factory

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