Sell My iPhone for $10000 on eBay

Sell My iPhone For Me (for $10,000) on eBay

Sell My iPhone for $10000 on eBay

“Please sell my iPhone for $10,000” seems to be the eternal call of this US-based seller. Yes they want to sell their 1st Gen iPhone for this somewhat ridiculous amount of money. The value seems to be shown through the fact that it is still sealed, and has therefore never been touched. However, what is the actual value of a brand new 1st Gen Apple iPhone? £50? Surely £100 would be pushing it.

This particular seller has been trying to sell this ‘vintage’ item for over 3 months now with no success. I think its time to reduce the price slightly isn’t it?

Hot on the heels of this seller, another one came in with a similar target but slashed the price somewhat with an auction starting at just $2,000, but again failed.

sell my iphone on ebay for $2000

I think given the poor success rate of these dreamer sellers, its time to come down from the clouds and remind ourselves how much people would actually pay for this item… Or is it?

It does seem that there have recently been a few rare success stories with these 1st Gen (sealed) iPhones. See the finished auction below where the seller did actually attain over $2,000! (assuming the bidding was real, and the transaction was completed!)

Sell my iPhone 1st Gen for over $2000 on eBay

So does this mean that we should all start buying tech, never using it, then re-selling it at a profit in 5 years time? Is there a goldmine in short-term vintage technology investment? Watch this space!…

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