sell my javanese bed for me

Sell My Furniture

sell my javanese bed for me“Sell my furniture for me on eBay” is what we are generally demanded by our customers old and new. This service is our speciality as an eBay broker so we always comply and get selling fast. From photos through to sales, the whole process can happen in as little as a week. However where our clients are price-sensitive and demand specific selling prices the process can take up to a few months.

Over the past 2 years we have sold hundreds of items of furniture from dining room tables all the way through to designer office desk chairs. We certainly don’t stop at run of the mill items.

An example of the kinds of interesting and unique furniture which comes our way is shown above. This is an antique carved Javanese / Indonesian bed which was imported all the way over from the east by our client. In this case, after receiving the photos we then put together the full Christie’s/Sotheby’s valuations and then consulted with our client on the best price to set for it in the eBay marketplace given its uniqueness and rarity.

All our current live furniture sales on eBay can be found by clicking here.

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