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 14 reviews
 by Amy

Extremely impressed with the excellent service provided by Adam, to my surprise he managed to sell two old apple laptops for me. I would totally recommend him to anyone that has something to sell.

Go for it!!! Contact Pigflog today!!!

 by Muriel

An outstanding service. For me, it was a stress free way to sell my furniture. Adam and his team made my life a lot easier, which left me more time to prepare my move. Highly recommended.

 by mmm

PigFlog provided the perfect professional service for a time strapped person like me! What I had dreaded would turn into a high stress activity was just a walk in the park. I highly recommend Adam and his team.

 by gunna

Before finding PigFlog I tried another service which was very dodgy. I have been delighted with the highly professional service I received from PigFlog and highly reccommend them and will definately use them again.

 by n/a

We have been dealing with Pigflog for over 2 years. Simply outstanding customer service.

The best in the business as far as we are concerned!.

 by Janie

I cannot recommend Pigflog more highly. Over the last few months, I have used Pigflog to sell a large variety of items, including household electricals, furniture, builders' equipment, office supplies and even a professional high-value camera. In each case, Adam and his team have acted in a prompt and efficient manner. They deal exclusively with the buyers, ensure that payment is received, and arrange either to post items or to ship them via courier. In addition, Pigflog gives buyers confidence with its high positive feedback and commitment to buyer satisfaction. I am hoping to move house this year, so will have many more things to sell with Pigflog!

 by Leejk

The comprehensive, friendly , professional & responsive service provided by the PigFlog folks is second to none in my experience of using them for eBay marketing of many items recently. Those like me who have never directly sold on eBay can use pigflog to take all of the fear of the unknown away & deal with live individuals in the London area who will do the collection, photography, listing, payment collection, postage & transaction tracking all at very reasonable cost. Don’t let the PigFlog name put you off, this is a high quality organisation to deal with.

 by Carolyn

I sold a motorhome with the help of PigFlog. The service was excellent in every way. I sold the motorhome far more easily than I could have managed myself, and received a far better price than I had hoped for. I would use PigFlog again, and have already recommended it to others.

 by Andrew

Adam and his team went the extra mile and then some. We had a really complex set up of office furniture that required professionals to assemble. Adam worked with the supplier to establish what bit was what and how much it should be priced and bent over backwards to accommodate us. They even liaised with our storage depot to manage shipping. in short he turned a big elephant that had been sitting in the room for 2 years into hard cash in our bank account, with only minimal input from us.

 by Nelson

I have been dealing with PigFlog for the past year and they have been incredibly helpful. I moved from a 2 bedroom flat to a 1 bedroom flat and they quickly and efficiently sold a whole room of furniture including an expensive antique desk. Since then I have sold other items including jewellery a large couch and chair. On each occasion they took care of the whole process and got much higher prices than I would have been able to get had I tried to sell the items on my own. Thanks guys!!

 by Andy P

Superb service. Pigflog have done an excellent job. Their Ads are extremely good with much better photos than I could have done. They deal with the whole thing with all the hassle when selling the items, timewasters etc etc. On most items they got higher prices than I would have done so their fees are often covered by this. Tom marks!!

 by JB

Fantastic! Very pleased with the service from start to finish. Thank you Adam for making life a lot easier!

 by Minaxi

What a find PigFlog has been and Adam has been efficient, professional and truly trustworthy. I have just downsized and decluttering has been made so easy with the help of PigFlog and Adam has taken out any hassle or worries out of the process of selling my possessions on eBay. I am recommending PigFlog to all my friends and will not be going anywhere else in the future. Thank you so much Adam.

 by n/a

A great online find Highly recommended. PigFlog is an excellent way to declutter and get some cash in return without any effort on your part at all. I will definitely being using this professional friendly service again.