Unwanted wedding gifts

Post-Wedding financial blues

Unwanted wedding giftsOver the course of our existance as a company selling for others, we have encountered people from all walks of life. More recently we have  been increasingly approached by newly-weds who are basically interested in privately cashing in on their unwanted wedding gifts.

This query has come up for a variety of very valid reasons. The gifts were obviously all given very thoughtfully to the new couples in question. However, they might never actually use the Siemens coffee maker they received from their distant cousin. They might not be able to live with the bright pink Villeroy & Boch tea set. Or the gifts received may actually be too large to fit in the newly-weds’ accomodation: e.g. a treadmill in a 1-bedroom flat might not be a comfortable arrangement. And finally, the newly-weds might just be in two minds about some of the items such as the high-class Bose surround sound system, but might decide logically that in the end, after an expensive honeymoon they would be better off with the extra money.

These examples all show that it might be in the gift recipients’ best interests to convert their items into cash. We get this done in a seamless manner and more importantly in a way that is 100% confidential: the bride and groom will never publish the fact that they are selling the items, so the related parties will never find out.

Also, given the current financial climate combined with the average spend involved in a wedding, it is most probably in most newly-wed couples’ best interests to increase their liquid monetary wealth and pay off any debts which may have built up.

We are here to answer every persons’ selling needs including the above. We understand the fact that people increasingly want to downsize or offload excess assets, and gain that extra bit of money with the least amount of fuss and bother.

If you think we can also help you make your life richer and easier, get in touch now.

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