Hamilton & Inches Boar

PigFlog sells its first Pig on eBay

Hamilton & Inches BoarIts been a long time coming, but right now we are actually selling our first pig on eBay. Rest assured we are not trying to sell livestock for our client, but instead a pig of the silver variety. This is a beautifully finished silver wild boar created by the luxury brand Hamilton & Inches: a true one-of-a-kind gift for the person who has everything. Its not quite as cute as a micro-pig but involves a lot less care and attention.

It weighs an impressive 2kg and is fairly large in size (50cm across), so the buyer will need a suitably sized display cabinet.

To see the actual item and see some close ups of the boar in the flesh, please click the eBay link here. This is truly one of the most unique things we have ever been asked to sell!

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