Renovate a Barge and sell for a million pounds

The Million Pound Property Market – Barge Conversion

Renovate a Barge and sell for a million pounds

With ever-increasing property prices in London and throughout the UK, people are looking to alternative more affordable ways to get on the property ladder and potentially make a smart investment.

Channel 4’s recent Million Pound Properties showed how an increasing number of properties have reached the one million pound valuation mark. It demonstrated that it was not just traditional bricks and mortar which were able to reach the dizzying £1m mark. One of the featured buyers was ‘downsizing’ to a £1.1m converted barge. See the video clip below from the show (sorry the audio needs to be cranked up slightly).


The 5 bedroom Dutch barge we currently have for sale for £150,000 does not match up to the spec of the one shown, however with work it could be converted into something a lot closer, moved to a commutable London-Thames location, and see its value sky-rocket. As shown, this could be an investment with very high returns based upon a combination of renovation and relocation.


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