Sell your iPads iPhones with Flappy Bird at a huge profit

Make a huge profit on your iPads & iPhones with Flappy Bird

Sell your iPads iPhones with Flappy Bird at a huge profit

It would seem the fad that was (and still is) Flappy Bird – the app game which went viral for its high frustration levels and therefore was withdrawn from the app store – has now got a huge amount of value because of its now relatively ‘rare’ status. Sales on eBay throughout February for iPads and iPhones with the app installed were well above average rates for the actual pieces of hardware simply because of the app being there – see the screenshot above.

The first few sales in the tens of thousands of pounds were a little outrageous and the pricing has now calmed down quite a bit, however there are still buyers willing to spend 4 or 5 times the retail value of the hardware just so they can get their hands on the app.

Therefore, our advice would be that if the Flappy Bird app means nothing to you, then offload your iPad or iPhone with the app included. You might make enough money for a brand new replacement iPad or iPhone from Apple alongside a nice little profit. Obviously you won’t see the app again, but once you have played it a few times chances are you won’t want to see it again anyway.

Now is the time to cash. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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