Our eBay Shopfronts

As a professional eBay Broker selling for you, we currently use 2 main eBay shopfronts through which we advertise and sell your items. This is done to ensure your items are advertised in the best possible light in the worldwide marketplace that is eBay. Note that in 2010 we used a single shopfront called “PigFlog Trading Assistant Shop” which still appears on Google despite not existing any more.


Edward Adams Logo

Our key storefront: Edward Adams

Edward Adams is generally used for our higher value items, which usually command higher prices. This brand was created so that a more premium look surrounds your quality items. It has a refined gold touch to reflect the product offering. If you are selling furniture, cars, jewellery, or watches you will find them here. An example of a sale through Edward Adams would be an Omega watch.

Magna logo

Our secondary storefont: Magna

Magna is the shop which is used for goods of slightly lower premium value including technology and clothing, but which still command relatively high prices. If you are selling high volume technology items, collectables or clothing you will find them here. An example of a sale contract for you through Magna would be a collection of surplus stock of electronics accessories.