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How to earn money by converting to Boris Bikes in London.

London BikeWe are strong advocates of Boris’ Bikes in London: the new service of public-use bikes for everyone from Transport For London (TFL). We have actually come to the conclusion that there is a strong chance you will be able to make money in converting. Take a look at our summary of advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages:

* You can pick up a bike from almost anywhere around London (centrally).
* You can get from A to B easily, whilst enjoying the scenery and avoiding the tube.
* There are obvious health benefits to cycling.
* You will never need to service the bikes as you would with your own bike.
* Storage of your bikes within your expensive London square-footage will no longer be an issue.
* You will never need to worry about your own bike being securely locked or possibly stolen.
* If you already own a bike you can sell it, get the extra income, and freely enjoy the new service.
* The effective cost is less than £1 a week (given that you only make short journeys)

The disadvantages:

* You will never own a bike which you can name and become attached to.
* The service is only available in zone 1 of central London (soon to expand).
* The late-return charge is extremely expensive at £150 but given you have a watch this should be avoided.

The way to effectively make money out of the concept: sign up now and sell your old bikes to declutter. This will make you extra income while you get the added freedom of only using bikes when needed.

PigFlog offers the full selling service for you whereby we can sell your bike in the most professional way possible while you get on with your life. We recently sold a Brompton fold-up bike for a client in London: he is now hundreds of pounds richer and has the freedom of simply using the Boris Bike system whenever he pleases.

Just send us an email or give us a call and we will happily pick up and sell your owned bike for you for the maximum possible price. You just need to relax and start using the public bikes now.

To find out more about our service click here.

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