How do I sell if I have no time for eBay?

A common issue in today’s fast-paced world is that people do not have the time to use eBay, despite wanting to offload their unwanted assets. This is becoming increasingly common as we seem to be working longer and longer hours, with no downtime.

Most people who are caught up in the work-hard culture do appreciate that they may be sitting on some valuable assets, but simply cannot afford to devote any time to cashing in on them.

The existence of services which are in place to help out individuals in this situation is sometimes seen as the missing link! These agents act as the middle-man, carrying out the sales process as required and returning a sizeable cheque to the customer a matter of weeks later.

PigFlog is the high quality service which will solve this issue with a click of the fingers. We provide an immediate solution to the issue of a customer’s need to liquidate certain assets and become cash-rich without the need to dig into his or her valuable time.

As an experienced and fully registered eBay Trading Assistant and Amazon Marketplace Seller, we are perfectly positioned to answer any selling query that might come our way. We promise to carry out the sales process for any item with a market value of over £50, helping anyone who comes our way.

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