mad eBay auction £16k gemstone

How about a 5 kilo ruby gem on eBay for £16k?

mad eBay auction £16k gemstone

As we continue to peruse the weird and wonderful items which people put up for sale on eBay, we came across this little gem. Or should I say, this ridiculously large ruby gem!

Its currently being sold by an eBay trader in India for a bargain $25,000 (or £15,780)! If you fancy a browse of this sale, click here.

Aside from the extra-large photos of the trader’s hands, we noticed that the postage/shipping option is free of charge to anywhere in the world (except Pakistan). I guess they’ll be hand-delivering this one and hoping to get through customs with no charges… let us know if you have any other suggestions for how the ruby might make it to for example Russia fully insured.

The quest for slightly odd eBay auctions and sales continues.

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