Bentley 1926 3L Radiator

Unique Auction of the month.

Bentley 1926 3L Radiator

Our most outstanding auction of April was for a very unique piece of motoring history. It was a very rare radiator from a classic 3L 1926 Bentley. To help to illustrate what part of the car this actually is, please see the photos. The one at the top shows the radiator which we had on auction, and the one at the bottom (credit) shows the same model radiator fitted onto the car itself demonstrating how this is such a key part of the ‘face’ of the car, not to mention its mechanical functionality!

So on this occasion instead of actually selling the car, we sold just one albeit very important part of this seriously classic car. Because of its rarity, collectors and motoring enthusiasts showed great interest in the auction, ready to swoop in to try and get their hands on it before the final hammer…

The radiator finally sold for just over £4,000 to an enthusiast who was in the midst of a Bentley reconstruction.

To find out more about the 3L 1926 Bentley itself, please take a look at the Sports Car Market piece.



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