eBay seller frustration

eBay selling & timewasters

As most experienced eBay sellers know, there are numerous so-called ‘shoppers’ who use eBay, better known as time-wasters. The key issue with these people is that for the most part they do not have any intention of buying, or they simply want to try and obtain items for free.

These people are a nuisance, but they must be accepted and dealt with appropriately by the seller. Below are a couple of examples of time-wasters which PigFlog has encountered:

* A buyer contacted us stating that the only way they could pay us was through Western Union money transfer, and that they would make sure the transfer was complete once they received the item. Pigflog made sure the buyer was fully aware of our payment policies and that if they want to purchase an item they must pay for it first.

* A recent winning bidder assumed the delivery price would be the same to Malaysia as it was within the UK for an item weighing over 10 kilos. The buyer was politely reminded to check the information on the product page regarding delivery and shipping.

Pigflog immediately alleviates seller pain such as this by acting as the seller’s middleman. We ensure that our clients do not get involved with such timewasting and disputes because we offer a one-stop shop whereby if someone wants to get something sold, it will get sold, and in the most hassle-free way possible. The seller basically gets to sit by the swimming pool and enjoy their life safe in the knowledge that their items are being taken care of and that they will be sold professionally getting the maximum possible price online. Any problems such as the above will be safely handled by us.

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