Olympic Torch eBay - Trading Assistants

eBay My Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch eBay - Trading AssistantsThinking of ridiculously easy ways to make money during the recession? How about you sell your Olympic Torch on eBay? Yes its hard to believe it but the torches have been selling like hot cakes while the country is still in a recession.

With the highest sale at a mammoth £153,000 (see photo) you might think it is seriously time to cash in. However the sales prices have fluctuated wildly, and after the initial uproar and excitement, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon and flooding the market the prices have now decreased immensely to as low as just £2,000.

So at this stage you’re guaranteed a sale, but don’t expect anything as outlandish as the highest.

Look out for more, perhaps truly unique London 2012 Olympics memorabilia on eBay soon!

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