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Don’t waste your time with counterfeits

police hand cuffs

As an officially recognised eBay broker, we deal with more and more potential new clients every day. Unfortunately amidst these sellers lurk a small minority who believe that we will be able to sell their counterfeit goods for them. We are an honest and professional Limited company which means that we only sell genuine and legitimate goods: trying your luck with replicas or fakes is a waste of time.

From the sellers who have believed we can help them, we have received an interesting selection of non-genuine items over the past year. Some examples follow:

* A selection of “Timberland” coats was sent to us, all of which were allegedly genuine. However they failed our testing and controls due to the following: all the coats were in “XXXXL” size; the stitching was of a low quality; the logo alignment was not horizontal; and the zips were not branded. This was a simple case of identification.

* Some “Ray Ban” polarised sunglasses. These were again rejected, however they required further controls to identify the problems. They came with the standard-looking case, and were fully boxed with all documentation. However the quality of the glass/plastic shading (proven to be non-polarised) was very low; and the logo itself was not correctly positioned nor etched onto the glasses.

Dr Dre Monster Pro headphones fake V original

* An entire shipment of Dr Dre Pro Beats Headphones (above) was delivered to us. These were an example of a seriously difficult case because it was hard to initially know whether they were genuine or not. Putting them through all our tests, we found that the problems were: the quality of the printing and materials of the boxes; the writing and logos on the headphones did not match the originals; the quality of the joins was poor; and most importantly the product weight was way off the originals (take a look). We managed to track down the source of the fakes – a Chinese distribution site – who openly declare that they supply replicas.

All goods which come are way are subject to a range of tests and stringent controls to ensure that they are genuine, and have a legitimate source. The legitimacy of the supplied products always determines whether we can take them on and sell them for our clients.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy on any item left with us which is found to be counterfeit. All sellers will be reported and their goods are either handed over to the authorities or immediately donated to charity.

Unfortunately counterfeit goods do find their way onto both eBay and Amazon, usually sold by sellers with little or no reputation. After they have sold their goods, their loss of reputation, and potential suspension from the trading platforms swiftly follows. Evidently this is sometimes the reason behind people coming to us to sell their goods.

In conclusion: If you want to sell replicas, steer clear of professional and legal organisations and trading platforms like ourselves.

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