Client Stories

Below are some examples of how we have helped businesses like yours:

  • Out of season stock: A large well-known UK-based beauty product brand (anonymity requested)

This client came to us because they had out of season stock which was no longer required. They needed us to sell the stock professionally but discreetly using our online expertise with the aim of freeing up space in their storage facility and profiting from the transactions.
We took the clients’ needs on board and completed the project within 2 months, selling most of the stock as auctions, and the rest as fixed price transactions.

  • End of line stock: A respected London street fashion company (Suburban Bliss)

We were approached by Suburban Bliss to sell end-of-line clothes stock. They had a large volume of items without a live sales platform, so we acted as the agency to sell all the units as required.
The client was happy with the full service provision, and essentially how we generated the required income fast and efficiently.

  • Excess office assets: Online media company (anonymous)

The business had excessive assets in the form of luxury branded office furniture. This needed to be sold off, and the company required it to be done as efficiently and effectively as possible whilst helping them to get the highest possible prices. A solution was generated so that the items of furniture were brokered as required.
This project is still currently live, but we have already successfully sold some of the furniture with very beneficial results for the company.

  • Increased order generation: Dropshipper A (undisclosed)

We currently have a number of dropshipping agreements in place where we sell other companies’ stock for them at a distance through our platforms such as eBay and Amazon.
“A”, in the same way as the others, requires us to expand their customer reach by acting as their professionally-managed shopfront and by processing their orders and managing their customers. This is a continuous live service through which we have generated significant high value sales for our client.