Renovate a Barge and sell for a million pounds

The Million Pound Property Market – Barge Conversion

With ever-increasing property prices in London and throughout the UK, people are looking to alternative more affordable ways to get on the property ladder and potentially make a smart investment. Channel 4’s recent Million Pound Properties showed how an increasing number of properties have reached the one million pound valuation mark. It demonstrated that it was not just traditional bricks and …

eBay unauthorized item email mc999

How to get your eBay listing removed

This morning we were treated to more festive cheer from eBay as we received the below email regarding how they kindly removed one of our new listings: “MC999 Listing policy violation alert: Trademark Violation – Unauthorized Item After reviewing your eBay account, we’ve taken the following action: – Listings have been removed.  The listing that was removed appeared to violate …

eBay logo - PigFlog UK trading assistant broker

The Global Importance of eBay Today

eBay’s Worldwide Importance If you have used the internet for more than five minutes then you will be more than aware of the immense potential and power that eBay brings to the table. For people, eBay can act as the place that they do all of their shopping for going on holiday, for giving out gifts – and it even …


Tracey Emin’s only known Pictography

Tracey Emin, one of the world’s most prolific artists is certainly full of surprises. That’s why her 2 only known pictographies were put on an exclusive sale. Created by the illustrious INSPECTOR KALENDA, they are certainly both very unique and involving pieces. The lovingly-entitled ‘Tracey in the Sky with Cornflakes’ & ‘Tracey Versus the Aliens’ were previously on sale and …

PigFlog Engine

Important: Model Engines change

Unfortunately we have had to switch our engine listings from one shop-front to another for reasons beyond our control. The engines, which were previously found under the Edward Adams brand, can now be found under our Magna London storefront. Click below to see our latest engine listings now: Live Model Engine Auctions

Hamilton & Inches Boar

PigFlog sells its first Pig on eBay

Its been a long time coming, but right now we are actually selling our first pig on eBay. Rest assured we are not trying to sell livestock for our client, but instead a pig of the silver variety. This is a beautifully finished silver wild boar created by the luxury brand Hamilton & Inches: a true one-of-a-kind gift for the …