PigFlog Car

Buy any car? No, but we do sell any car for you!

PigFlog CarYou will probably be aware of the company which buys any car from you (there are a lot of TV adverts being shown at the moment). We think this is a great idea, but we do one better by actually selling any car for you.

By auctioning your car using our expertise in the world’s largest marketplace we ensure that we obtain the market price or even higher, whilst ensuring no effort is required from you.

We present your cars to the world with a complete listing containing at least 20 photos and a video clip, which ensures the buyer knows exactly what they are bidding for with full confidence. It also makes your listing stand out as only a minority of sellers use this much media to show off their wares.

The cars we have sold so far include our favourite Fiat 500 from 1966, which was a real beauty. In each case, the owner entrusts PigFlog to take control of the full selling process for them. Our past clients have been very content with relaxing and getting on with their lives while a reputable company sells their car for them.

You call us, we pop around to see the car, take the photos, and shoot the video. Then you relax for a couple of weeks while the auction takes place. We deal with all customer questions, queries, and problems, making sure you are never faced with any hassle at all. Then once the auction is over we ensure all the paperwork is handed over and the payments are cleared before the buyer is able to leave with your car. Your payment will come from us, thus eliminating any unknown source of payment: full security.

We pay you your new income, you’re happy, the new owner is happy with their new car.

We’re happy because we’ve made everyone else happy.

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