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Beatles memorabilia-mania

Its all gone Beatles-mania at PigFlog, as we have listed 2 very special bits of Beatles memorabilia for a client. They are two actual London concert tickets from 1963 and 1964. Obviously they are no longer valid as the concerts have been and gone, but they have very impressive collector value as they were actual entry passes into 2 of the concerts of the most famous band in the world.

On the website associated with Beatles memorabilia, called Fincharie, these 2 tickets are valued at over $200 each. Take a look at the following links: 1963, 1964. The PigFlog auctions, which launched at just 99p each, have now both surpassed the £30 ($50) mark. Whether they will make (and possibly go higher than) the valuation is anybody’s guess. Currently with tens of watchers on both tickets, a bidding war may ensue. A screenshot of the current eBay auctions can be found below.

The same client also provided 2 other tickets from the same era: The Everly Brothers & The Bo Diddley Show and The Crystals & Jo Brown. There is a lot of interest in these too, but it is unlikely they will reach the level of the Beatles tickets.

If you have similar historic gems which you would like us to sell for you in this way, please get in touch now. We do all the work for you: the pickup, the professional photography, the complete listing, and we deal with your buyers for you. Give us a call or email us with your requests.

eBay auction - Beatles ticket 1eBay auction - Beatles ticket 2

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