PigFlog Name

PigFlog piggy bank

The name emanates from a number of ideas.

Firstly, the Pig part is from the idea that most people in their lifetime have owned or used a piggy bank. A piggy bank is usually a place where money is kept hidden away in a sealed unit. It is a a coin accumulation and storage receptacle (per Wikipedia). The owner of the piggy bank knows it contains money, and continuously adds more to it, but the money usually stays inside the pig. The first part of our name therefore relates to the concept that every person probably has wealth inside objects he or she owns.

Our service helps to free up the money from each persons’ pig, I.e. Making money from their unwanted quality possessions.

The Flog part of our name has two meanings, both of which are relevant:

– To sell (from the British slang): we carry out a full selling service for our clients, helping them get the best possible price for their possessions while they relax.

– To hit: we break open your piggy bank (metaphorically), freeing up your money by selling your items to make your life richer.

Contrary to the uneducated idea, the company’s name does not derive from either the specialised selling of livestock, nor the torture of any kind of animal.

So in summary, the name PigFlog comes from the idea that each person owns possessions kept in their home (their piggy bank) and the money from those items can be freed once they are flogged, or once their pig is flogged (metaphorically).

Note: real pigs are not currently permitted on eBay so if you do have any pigs to sell, we may have to use different selling channels.

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