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A 1930s 32-Tonne Converted Dutch Barge For Sale?

Dutch Barge For Sale - eBay - PigFlog

Should you happen to have a spare converted Dutch barge for sale like one of our recent clients, then yes we’ll be able to help out selling it for you!

The barge pictured is a beautiful boat named “The Spirit of Loch Ness”, and she’s up for sale now. Based in Kent, but formerly a Scottish cruiser, she is now up for grabs.

The first live auction went up to £60,000, however issues with eBay’s internal system meant that we had to cancel the transaction. This stemmed from the fact that we had met one of the potential buyers in person, they had attempted to put a bid in, and then eBay told them they were not allowed to bid due to ‘restrictions’. This issue was evidently being applied to many of the bidders as there were a solid 180 watchers on the auction. It was only after a long and arduous conversation with eBay most of Sunday evening did they finally admit there was an issue at their end. The barge is now on as a fixed price listing on our site until eBay sorts itself out.

Click here for the fixed price listing


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