81 Stoves

81 art deco stoves being sold for you.

PigFlog Art Deco Stoves for sale


PigFlog is currently selling a unique collection of 81 exquisite art deco and art nouveau multi-fuel and wood burning stoves and ranges shown above. All stoves are made from cast iron or vitreous enamel with mica-glazed doors and are of French, Belgian, German or Dutch origin. They were collected and lovingly restored by our client over 35 years, since 1976.

The vast majority of these stoves are in museum condition, and a part of this collection was exhibited at the Great Stove Event 1978 (Coal Board), and several have been rented out to the BBC as props and to interior design companies, due to their unique style and condition.

This is effectively a business for sale – with a collection of unique and highly collectable stoves, documentation, units for restoration and a wealth of expert knowledge and support that our client is willing to pass on to the buyer.

This collection would therefore ideally suit a collector, retailer or museum to display these wonderful pieces of history to the public.

If you are interested, please have a look at the live listing and please contact us for more information.

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