PigFlog London eBay Trading Assistant

10 reasons to use an eBay Trading Assistant to sell your stuff

PigFlog London eBay Trading Assistant

OK, so its time to sell your stuff: eBay might be the biggest and the best global marketplace, but do you want to do all the work yourself or have you considered the idea of using an eBay Trading Assistant? We give you 10 good reasons why it might be a worthwhile option.

  1. You have no time to deal with eBay. Most of us seem to have a complete lack of free time to spend on selling our stuff. Full-time employment usually means that you would like to spend your free time relaxing, therefore having a Trading Assistant do all the selling work for you could ensure your free time is not stolen.
  2. You have no patience for selling online. Despite eBay’s fairly friendly interface it has to be said that a certain amount of patience is required to use the system, especially if it is your first attempt. If you outsource this job to an expert it means that you will be able to focus your efforts on something else.
  3. You feel you are lacking in knowledge. Sure you don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to sell stuff on eBay, but you may not feel you’re ever going to learn how to do it so you may prefer for someone more adept to get it done for you.
  4. You want to get rid of stuff fast. You’re in a position where you need to get a number of things sold in a very short space of time. If you feel that you won’t be able to get everything photographed, listed, and sold within a given deadline it may be efficient to enlist some help.
  5. You have too much to sell. If the amount of stuff you have to sell is overwhelming, then the use of a broker will definitely be able to intelligently manage the sale of everything in one go.
  6. You hate admin. Selling stuff can be viewed as a job in itself, and why would you want to impose more work on yourself if you already have a job. It might be easier handing over this ‘job’ so as not to overwork yourself.
  7. You want to declutter. There is certainly an emphasis on decluttering in the media at present, and it is usually the people holding on to the clutter who need help to get rid of it. A Trading Assistant might be the easiest solution.
  8. You simply want to make money. The simple target of making money from your old things might be your main aim, but a lack of motivation aside from this might mean the process is slightly held up. To speed things along a professional seller might be of use.
  9. You have lost someone close. If someone close to you has recently died it may be difficult dealing with all the belongings they left behind. This is again where an eBay broker might be able to ease the pain.
  10. You want control. You want to regain control of your life by eliminating the excess junk. An eBay broker will help you achieve that goal through the management of your eBay sales.

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